School Council

Our School Council plays an important part in the school. 

The children meet as a Class Council once a fortnight to discuss any issues in our school and to make suggestions for further action.  The elected School Council members, from Year 1 to Year 6, meet with either our Headteacher Mrs Allen or Mrs Addison, one of our Senior Teachers. An agenda is set and discussions relate to what improvements could be made to the school.  Our School Governors have also taken the opportunity to join these meetings.

Minutes are taken , these are kept on computer file and paper versions are kept in a folder which is the responsibility of the head girl and boy.

Recently The School Council have:

  • Helped design, plan and order new Playground Markings
  • Adopted a snow leopard in association with WWF.
  • Started a lunch time Chess Club for Juniors.
  • Produced and presented a Whole School Talent Show for Comic Relief.
  • Supported the suggestion of setting up a Dance Club and a Movie Night.
  • Helped with the arrangements for the Leavers Disco.
  • Discussed the introduction of new playboards for the playground.
  • Requested more swings for the park and were consulted throughout the design and layout process.
  • Discussed the arrangements at lunchtimes.
  • Suggested the introduction of two performances or Services for special plays and services in our parish church, in to alleviate over-crowded audiences and congregations.
  • Organised a camping night with the help of the Friends.