Governance at St Loys

Governing Roles:

  • Foundation Governors – Foundation governors are local people with a connection to the church and some must also have children at the school.
  • Staff Governors – the Headteacher together with one teacher and one member of the non-teaching staff who are elected by the school staff.
  • Parent Governors – who are elected by the parents of the children at St. Loys.
  • Community Governor – individuals from the community who have the skills and experience the governing body require
  • Clerk to the Governors

Each governor is appointed for a four year term which can be renewed for a further four years.

If you would like to contact the governors you can write to The Chair of Governors (see below) through the school.

Current Governors (appointed by South Northants CofE MAT):

There are currently no relevant business interests relating to any of the Governors. There are currently no relationships between governors and members of the school staff.

Who we are

Damien Trevatt – Chair and Community Governor. Appointed 23/5/19.

Julian Roberts – Foundation Governor

Jos Kirkwood – Foundation Governor

Frank Hunter – Community Governor


Alison Allen – Headteacher.

Susie Addison – Teaching. Committees: Learning, Achievement & Admissions. Appointed 01/11/15


Antonia Lanyiova – Parent Governor