Who Are We and What Are Our Aims?

Evolve Church Academy Trust

On the 1st September 2013, Boddington, Culworth, Chacombe and St Loys Church of England Primary Schools reopened as academies and together formed the South Northamptonshire Church of England Schools Multi Academy Trust (SNCES MAT).

The Chair, Vice Chair and Headteacher from each academy were appointed as directors of the SNCES MAT (Culworth and Boddington were federated and so had 1 Chair and 2 Vice Chairs and 1 headteacher appointed as directors).  A representative from Peterborough Diocese also attends. They meet at least three times a year and employ the services of consultants to help them (accountants, school improvement advisors etc.).

At the beginning of 2019 SNCES MAT rebranded and became Evolve Church Academy Trust.

Evolve has delegated many of the powers it has to the Local Governing Body (under a Scheme of Delegation) but still has a very important role in monitoring and trying to improve both educational and financial achievements at each establishment, ultimately holding head teachers and local governing bodies to account.

The four individual academies are enjoying working closely together for the benefit of all.  

The Chair of Evolve Church Academy Trust is Stephen Allen, he can be contacted through the school office.    

Evolve Church Academy Trust  – Aims:

What is our vision? (What do we want to be?)

Our vision is to secure the future of excellent inspirational village schools for our local communities. By becoming an academy we believe that this vision will be sustainable and economically viable for the long term.

 What is our purpose? (What are we here for?)

 We will:

 Provide vibrant village schools that inspire life-long learning for all

  • Provide opportunities to prepare the whole school community for life
  • Celebrate and promote the achievement of each individual enabling them to reach their full potential
  • Through our Christian values, develop and encourage social, cultural and recreational skills and interests enabling each individual to play their full part in a modern society as responsible citizens
  • Accomplish the above by providing a safe, secure and caring environment characterised by high quality teaching and learning utilising the latest technology within excellent facilities

What are our core values and beliefs? (Who do we want to be?)

We value and believe in:

  • Life-long learning
  • An ethos based on Christian values
  • The ‘whole child’
  • An inclusive school
  • Student involvement
  • Caring and finding time to show it
  • Success at all levels
  • All students and adults at both schools
  • Equality and in providing equal opportunities for all
  • Good citizenship
  • We will strive to develop our relationships with our stakeholders and value what we can learn through these partnerships
  • We believe in embracing diversity by valuing acceptance and respect of all individuals
    • We communicate our faith in student potential by setting consistently high standards
    • We value our environment and believe we are responsible in protecting it by supporting sustainable, responsible development
    • We strive to provide best value in terms of finance and be both transparent and accountable in the way we manage our schools

What is our mission statement? (What do we want to achieve?)

Our village schools will encourage individuality, responsibility and respect for others within a caring and Christian framework. By nurturing our children’s and the whole school community’s natural curiosity, a love of learning will be developed which will help them all to achieve their potential.