Friends of St. Loys

Who are the Friends of St Loys?

The Friends Association is a group of parents that has an interest in the well-being and future of St Loys. We meet once or twice a term (time and place are flexible).

What do the Friends do?

The Friends’ principle aim is to organise school events and activities such as the Christmas Fair, Summer Fête, cake bakes, discos, BBQs, and other events that will capture the children’s imagination and create excitement whilst raising funds for the school.


We have raised funds by organising:

  • Food for Weedon Lois bonfire night
  • Christmas and summer Discos
  • Children’s’ artwork Christmas cards
  • Christmas Fair
  • May Day fun run (at the Lois Weedon and Weston May Day Country Fair) – money raised goes to the May Day fair Committee, we then are able to apply to the committee for donations for a specific fundraiser (e.g. £600 was donated towards the park play equipment).
  • Summer Fete
  • Cake bake and second hand uniform sales (also run as one-off events to raise money for other causes suggested by Friends’ members, staff or School Council)
  • Parents and Teachers Ball

What is the Friends fund used for?

The fund is used to help out the school by purchasing various items / equipment and paying for some activities for the children, e.g. IT equipment, new books for our Library, travel to and from the Christmas pantomime. In the past, we have also raise money for the Lois Weedon church, for example the Church Restoration Appeal and arts and crafts materials for messy church.

How can you help?

There are various ways to get involved and this could be regularly or just a one-off – we understand that everyone has a hectic schedule to keep. You could:

  • Attend meetings (dates are advertised in the weekly school Newsletter).
  • Volunteer to help out with events e.g. run a stall at the Christmas Fair or Summer Fête.
  • Support the Friends’ work on an occasional basis with any skills, expertise or equipment you can offer, e.g. access to printing facilities, sponsorship materials, prizes and contacts for fundraising.

If you would like to be involved, please let us know how by contacting the school office.

Current Committee Members


The Chair provides leadership for the committee, sets the agenda for meetings and manages meetings in line with the agenda.

Sarah Bougourd (Parent of Grace, Foundation Stage and Joshua, Year 3)

Vice Chair

Allison Beesinger (Parent of Daniel, Foundation Stage and Liam, Year 1)


The Secretary is responsible for ensuring that there are effective communication links between committee members and between the association and the school.

Jenna Kilsby (Parent of Leo, Foundation Stage and Miles, Year 3)


The Treasurer is responsible for day to day admin of financial records and procedures as well as the banking and handling of money at Friends’ activities and events.

Nancy Thackwray (Parent of Isaac, Pre-school and James, Year 2)