In England and Wales, state education is provided through the operation of a partnership between; central and local government, the Diocese (for faith schools), other interested parties, school governing bodies, headteachers and school staff. The law requires schools to have a governing body representative of these stakeholders who will, collectively, oversee the strategic running of the school.

St Loys Governing Body

Chair – Role recruitment in progress

Vice Chair – Role recruitment in progress

Jos Kirkwood – Foundation Governor

Frank Hunter – Foundation Governor

Role recruitment in progress – 2 Foundation Governors


Kathryn Crawford  – Headteacher

Susie Addison – Teaching Staff Governor. Appointed 01/11/15

Role recruitment in process – Non-teaching Staff Governor


Jenna Kilsby – Parent Governor

Becca Fletcher – Parent Governor

Sarah Bougourd – Parent Governor

Governance: Roles, Responsibilities & Expectations


  • Foundation Governors – Foundation governors are local people with a connection to the church and some must also have children at the school.
  • Staff Governors – the Headteacher together with one teacher and one member of the non-teaching staff who are elected by the school staff.
  • Parent Governors – are elected by the parents of the children at St. Loys.
  • Community Governor – individuals from the community who have the skills and experience the governing body require
  • Clerk to the Governors


Having a strategic role means that the governors work in partnership with the HeadTeacher to decide what they want the school to achieve and set the framework for the realisation of this. Essentially, Governors should support the aims and objectives of the school safeguarding the interests of the school and its pupils in the wider community.


Within the remit of the role Governors should:

  • Set appropriate aims and objectives
  • Agree policies, targets and priorities
  • Monitor and review policies, aims and objectives, and evaluate effectiveness and success of these
  • Support and promote appropriate partnership and collaboration with other schools within the MAT, the Diocese and the local authority
  • Work co-operatively and collaboratively with other governors in the best interests of the school and attend full governing body and committee meetings regularly
  • Understand that the operational management of the school and implementation of plans and policies of the governing body is within the remit of the Headteacher and senior school staff.