Parent Forum

The Parent Forum aims to provide an opportunity for parents and carers to meet with each other and with representatives from the Governing Body and staff to share ideas about the education of their children and to discuss matters of importance to the school as a whole.

 Meetings are chaired by the Head Teacher and minutes taken by an attending governor. The Parent Forum welcomes contributions from all parents, carers, governors and staff of the school.

 Meetings are held three times a year, dates are agreed to suit the majority and published in advance. Contributions to meeting agendas are invited.

 Notes of the Parent Forum meetings are available in school.

Parents are always welcome at St Loys.

2020_21 Update: Due to current restrictions and in line with government guidance we are not inviting parents in to school unless by prior appointment only.

An appointment is not always needed to see Ms. Crawford, our Head Teacher, however, please note that as her time is divided between St Loys and Chacombe schools, there will be occasions when she is off site. An appointment is advisable for anything that will take more than a few minutes, please email the school office to arrange a convenient time.

Our teachers are available at the end of each school day to talk over any minor issues.  If you wish to discuss anything for more than a few minutes, please make an appointment through the school office or speak directly to the teacher to arrange a mutually convenient time.

Although we welcome visitors to our school, we will act to ensure that it remains a safe place for pupils, staff and other members of our community.

Admissions: Northamptonshire County Council co-ordinates applications for places at our school. In order to submit an application, please refer to the local authority’s website. St.Loys admissions policy can be found here.