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St. Loys  provides a caring, stimulating environment for children aged 2 to 11 years which nurtures, inspires and supports every pupil to achieve their full potential. We encourage high standards in both work and behaviour with respectful attitudes towards one another.

St Loys Primary CEVA Academy was founded over 150 years ago and nestles in the beautiful village of Weedon Lois in the heart of the South Northamptonshire countryside. We enjoy strong links with the parish church of St Mary and St Peter. Find out more from our Head teacher….

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Friends of St Loys (FoSL's) - Rebel Raiser Friday

Well done, Rebel Raisers… a day of blatant disregard for all rules led to the magnificent sum of £133 raised…no mean feat for our little school…

Rebel Raisers Jan '22

Science: Exploring rocks with Squirrel Class

Mrs Watts didn’t need much of an excuse to make rocky road with Squirrels class, but to make it sound like a science lesson about rocks sounds a bit far fetched 🤫

The children have learnt about igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks, and so they crushed biscuits (sedimentary), melted chocolate (igneous) and stirred in marshmallows and Rice Krispies (more igneous). It was then tipped into a tray and compacted down (metamorphic). It was left to cool and solidify overnight before being taken home. A very enjoyable science lesson.

Exploring the Rainforest with Wild Science

St Loys welcomed Emily & friends from Wild Science into school this week…..a rare treat to handle and observe some Rainforest animals up close…..introducing: Oscar the Boa-constrictor, Gary the snail, Stefano the frog, Colin the cockroach, Lily the millipede and Max the guinea pig.







Our School

Squirrels Poem Recital

A Christmas Treat from Squirrels Class.

Children in Need Ramble

A beautiful walk with beautiful people for a worthy cause…see more here



Our children of St Loys have once again shone brightly this week as they have each demonstrated their understanding and respect for Armistice Day and the significance of laying poppy wreaths at a memorial.

Even our youngest Hedgehogs stood with quiet reverence yesterday as we observed a two-minute silence for all those who have lost their lives in recent conflicts as well as the World Wars. Each child laid a poppy or stone underneath our school cross as we said prayers and gave thanks and remembrance.

Treasure Island - the Musical...

‘Well shiver me timbers and a Yo ho ho me hearties to you all…we, the KS2 pirates of St Loys be about to present a right rippin’ yarn full ‘o’ skulduggery and sea shanties…. so batten down yer hatches, charge yer tankards and enjoy ‘Treasure Island – the Musical’ … ‘