Curriculum Enrichment

Wider Curriculum Opportunities & Cultural Capital

It is important to us at St. Loys that we honour children’s right to experiences that support the development of their Cultural Capital, to prepare them for their future successes. We aim to extend our pupil experience beyond the taught curriculum by offering a broad range of enriching experiences and opportunities both within and beyond the school day to enhance learning.

Enrichment provision at St. Loys ...

Our Enrichment Offer to enhance learning includes;

  • Gardening Club
  • Lego Club – organised by pupils
  • Sports: Athletics, Basketball, Cross Country, Football
  • Bikeability
  • French Club
  • Music in partnership with NMPAT
  • Intra School Events & House teams competitions
  • After School Sports/clubs
  • Outdoor Learning Opportunities

Core curriculum enhancements:

  • Creative Arts week
  • Science week
  • National Numeracy Day
  • Daily Mile initiatives
  • Collective worship in the community
  • Courageous Advocacy
  • Global Neighbours

Wellbeing Walks - The Great Outdoors

We take every opportunity to engage with our beautiful surroundings, especially during Children’s Mental Health Week. Our 2024 wellbeing walk saw us making the trip around the village of Weedon Lois and across the fields. A wonderful opportunity to chat with friends and parents, breathe in the fresh air and acknowledge the wonder of nature…

The Daily Mile

The Daily Mile is a social physical activity, with children running, jogging or wheeling– at their own pace – in the fresh air with friends, outside of curriculum and playtimes. We joined in with the 10th Anniversary of this wonderful initiative and ran for 30 minutes…. such wonderful endeavour and made extra special with our Daily Mile T-shirts…well done all.

Cluster Schools Sports Competitions

We are fortunate to be part of a network of local schools, working with Chenderit School’s Tamsyn King, our School Sports Partner who supports us with our in-school and extra-curricular sports provision. St. Loys pupils have been wonderful ambassadors for our school across a plethora of sporting events from Cross Country and Football to Gym & Dance Festivals and Tennis.