Sporting & Physical Activity

PE, Sports and activities at St. Loys

We enjoy a broad range of physical activities and sports within our Sports and PE curriculum including:

Athletics, Tag Rugby, Basketball, Tennis, Gym, Netball, Dance and Football.

In addition to timetabled provision we engage in a broad range of activities and initiatives to support our pupils in their physical learning and development. Pupils in Years 5 and 6, take up the Bikeability challenge with Cycling England and are offered courses in Young Sports Leadership as well as opportunities to experience a broad range of activities alongsite our School Sports Partnership with Chenderit School.

Over the years we have offered a wide range of sports activities and extra curricular clubs, and are fortunate to have a large school hall to accommodate these. Activities have included;

  • Hot Shots Basketball
  • Gymnastics
  • Secret Garden Dance
  • Multi-skills with Pacesetters.

Update 2020…..We hope to be able to open our doors to new clubs and sports games providers in due course and in keeping with Covid-19 advice and protocols.

Our strong partnership with Chenderit School Sports Team ensures that our pupils have the opportunity to engage in cluster competitions including; Cross Country, Sports Hall Athletics, Football, Multi-skills events, Gymnastics and much more. Here, they are not only ambassadors for St. Loys but strive to achieve as individuals with a thirst for self-improvement and a drive to do their best. We have welcomed their successes over the last year in Football and Sports Hall Athletics where we placed in the top 3 schools.

The Great Outdoors

At St Loys we recognise the benefits to children’s physical and mental well-being when opportunities are presented for learning outdoors. We are fortunate to be situated in a rural location where we can actively engage with our physical education, including walks, gardening and outdoor PE.

Our allotment is home to our Gardening Club and all pupils have the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of tending to this.

The Daily Mile

We have recently joined the Daily Mile initiative and our pupils are maintaining their enthusiasm for their run, walk or jog each day….for more info see