The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Newsletter 5, Term 6, 7th July 2023

Dear Parents and Carers,


I make no apologies for the bag of wet, smelly clothes that our Year 6 pupils returned home with this week! After three fun-filled days of excitement and thrills, that soggy bag of dirty washing is a badge of honour earned by Year 6 for being such exceptional team mates while we were away on residential. It was genuinely a pleasure to take this group of Year 6 away for this trip – they made the week very easy and enjoyable for each other and for me. St Loys you shone your bright lights in so many ways: firstly, “hats off” to you all for the positive way in which you each faced new challenges and embraced activities that sometimes pushed you beyond your limits of comfort. (For some the first activity of making your own bed on arrival was enough of a challenge – I lost a few children inside duvet covers whilst that particular skill was mastered!) Crawling through dark tunnels, leaping from wobbly beams high up in the air and diving in to a cold and murky looking lake from the edge of a canoe took courage, gritty determination and trust in those around us. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU faced your fears and pushed yourselves beyond that which you thought possible! I am so proud of each of you for being such fabulous ambassadors for St Loys and for behaving so beautifully – I overheard the instructors chatting at the end of one particular activity and smiled a little smile as I heard one say…“they were a really lovely group to work with!” 

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