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Newsletter 7, Term 6, 21st July 2023

Our School Value this term is: WISDOM

Dear Parents and Carers,


We have as you might expect, cried several tears of sadness as we bid fond farewells to the many folk leaving the safe and familiar walls of St Loys today. However, we have through our Leavers Service and the whole school party this afternoon reminisced with many tales of happy memories and moments of laughter. 

To our dear colleagues and friends, Mrs Davy, Mrs Gee, Mrs Lawrence and Mrs Watts…we are all extremely sorry to see you leaving.

In the words of the children:

Mrs Gee hasn’t been with us very long but it seems like she has always been with us because she has got to know us really quickly, and her art lessons have been great!

Mrs Davy is so kind and gentle! You do such a lot for all of us with lots of love and care, we will all miss you!

Mrs Lawrence you must have helped every single child in the school and you are always really kind giving us little gifts on our birthdays and things like that. Thank you for helping us when things are tough to understand.

Mrs Watts you are really funny and we remember all your science lessons for being so much fun. We loved meeting Amber too!

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