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Newsletter 6, Term 6, 14th July 2023

Dear Parents and Carers,


What a show! What a performance! After a month of rehearsals, mostly in individual classes until more recently, our young people really demonstrated how they naturally work together to make everything they do a fabulous success.  

Hedgehogs: your “Summer Holiday” transported everyone to sunny days by the seaside and we were very impressed with how you handled all those props whilst dancing and still remembering to smile. You win our Strictly glitter ball every time!

Squirrels: I have granted you honorary “Badgership” this week. Thank you so much for taking on some of our very important speaking parts in the play and fulfilling those roles so professionally and so calmly – especially when Mrs Watts and I threw some extra lines at you just five minutes before the show started, what confidence you have! Your dance took me back to my childhood (well just, I can barely remember The Nolans, honestly!!) and it was such an uplifting dance, coordinated and performed beautifully.   

Badgers: I don’t mind saying you have given me a few extra grey hairs during our rehearsals, but I think maybe you do this to me on purpose because you ALWAYS provide a stunning performance on the night! “We’re all Going on a Summer Holiday” is an opportunity for Year 6 to showcase their talents before they leave St Loys and you truly did that in magnificent style. This production needed many parts so to both Year 5 and Year 6 your efforts and support of one another did not go unnoticed, you all performed brilliantly and portrayed the different characters so well. “After 47 years (well, almost…) in British Primary Schools, I have NEVER…ever…felt so proud George!” 

Congratulations to the young folk of St Loys – each and every one of you is a STAR PUPIL this week and very much deserved. 

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