The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Newsletter 1 Autumn Term – 3rd September

 St Loys has not stopped smiling this week!  We are back together and we are one family!  It has been the happiest of sights welcoming the whole school back into the playground and finally to have parents and grandparents alongside us!  It is an absolute joy to be in school with all of you and to remember how it felt to be together in this way.

I would particularly like to welcome all families new to the school and to extend a warm hello to all of the children especially in Hedgehogs Class: Bertie, Emilia, Leo, Keira, Flora and Isla.

Pre-School has also returned under the care of Mrs Mumford, Mrs Leahy and Mrs Beesinger.  A big happy smile to all of our pre-schoolers: Alfie, Oscar, Hector, Scarlett, Francey and Isaac.

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