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Newsletter 12th February 2021

Dear Parents and Carers

I am in reflective mood as I write the newsletter this week and the word that pops to my mind is “thankful.” We have reached the end of possibly one of the hardest terms we have encountered in my almost, thirty years of teaching. I say “we” because I am talking about each and every one of us in the St Loys Family.

So why am I thankful? Well, as I reflect on these past weeks I can appreciate every single member of staff who has selflessly given their time, care and dedication to support the children with the challenges of remote learning. All of the staff want to be back in school; teaching in this remote way is not one we would choose, but they have each shown commitment to their children and provided for them passionately despite the challenges, thank you staff – You have all earned this break!

Parents and Grandparents, I am equally thankful to you. We know you are exhausted, we know you have been teaching your children in a way that you didn’t sign up to and we know you are doing this unrelentingly whilst working and maintaining a home and family throughout this lockdown.

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