The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Newsletter 3, Term 4, 10th March 2023

Our School Value this term is: COMMUNITY

Dear Parents and Carers,

Many of the children this week have been understanding the traditions and customs of our wider community in the UK and further afield. March 7th marked the beginning of the two day festival of Holi, celebrated by Hindus across the world. This bright and vibrant festival represents many things including the beauty of many colours, love for one another and the start of Spring; new beginnings -customary in so many world faiths including Christianity. Badgers revisited the story of Holika and Prashad, a story which reminds us of hope and resurgence. Holi is one of the most wonderful parts of the year to wish your loved ones and neighbours love and good wishes and a time to refresh bonds with those around you.  

So, “Holi Hai” to you all at St Loys. May God grant you all of the colours of life, colours of joy; colours of happiness; colours of love and all the other colours you would hope to have painted in your life. 

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