The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Newsletter 8, 17th June 2022

Our School Value this term is: WISDOM

Dear Parents & Carers


A coach load of happy and excited faces set off just after 9:00am on Tuesday this week for our wonderful visit to the world of shoes. We were not disappointed!

The children listened beautifully to a presentation about many different types of shoes and we were treated to a whistle stop tour of shoes throughout history, starting with a simple woven sandal, right up to date with a modern boot or trainer. In the shoe gallery, we all enjoyed a scavenger hunt to find shoes with laces; shoes with buckles; children’s shoes, a shoe with an elephant and so much more! Children also explored the different types of shoes such as a bar shoe or a monk shoe and found out about their many specific characteristics.

The classes were able to design their own shoes as well as learning about the history of shoe manufacturing in Northampton from designing, making and decorating. Thank you to Mrs Watts for organising such a wonderful trip and to our little folk who behaved so beautifully throughout the day.

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