The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Creative Week – A Huge Success!

Both the children and staff at St Loys have celebrated the end of an amazingly successful Creative Week.

Creative Learning: Exploration and Discovery in a Supportive & Enriching Environment based on the Interests of the Children.

Please have a look at our Galleries (under the News Tab) for many wonderful photographs of this amazing Exhibition; we are very proud of the results

The idea was for the children to learn and ‘make’ Creatively instead of prescriptively under instruction. There were mixed age and ability classes and many children and adults found this a most inspiring and enjoyable way to create and learn. 

Projects or plans stemmed from each child’s own interest and curiosity, based on Italy and the four, very general, Starting Points: Venice, Art, Food and Fashion. Each Starting point evolved in hundreds of different ways; they emerged and were adapted by each child’s direction. The pace was slow and always open ended so that for the first few days we were unsure what the results would be. Collaboration between the children, as well as the adults, was very valuable and stimulating.

The whole creative learning process was a Social, Sharing one – even the smaller children didn’t need to have ideas simplified. The most difficult part for the teachers was not to interfere but to just support the children and help them become more independent. We remembered to take into account that each child (& adult) has abilities that the school hasn’t yet appreciated. 

The week culminated in a Grand Exhibition, displaying many varied forms of ‘creation’ including the presentation of the children’s plans showing the development and progression of their research and exploration skills as well as photographs, videos, animations, PowerPoint presentations and creative writing illustrating their work during the week.

Please have a look at our Galleries for many wonderful photographs of this amazing Exhibition; we are very proud of the results.

(Photographs will be uploaded over the next few days!).

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