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Mini Beast Roadshow

This week the whole school were able to see and handle many different types of insects and animals ranging from spiders to bearded dragons to snakes! Please see our Gallery under the News Tab for more photographs.

Here are some comments from our children when asked what they liked about the experience:

Utterly mind-blowing – Charlie

The boa constrictor which I thought would be vicious but it was cute and cuddly – Connor

Holding a tarantula on my hand, it was quite nice – Harriett

I liked the bearded dragon and the snake – Lexie

The bird eating tarantula was great because it was very, very hairy.

I learnt lots and it linked to our topic work, my favourite was the leopard spotted gecko – Darcey

I enjoyed the bearded dragon siting on your lap – James D.

It was amazing, the majority pf the facts I didn’t know about so I learnt lots – James H

I liked it when Mrs Humphrey was holding Baldrick the frog – Joshua

The scorpion was really scary – Charlie

I liked the tortoise, it was a snake neck – Alexa

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