The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Newsletter 28th May 2021

This small, insignificant thing can unfold its wings and go out into the world and achieve. The child can identify with that.” Eric Carle 1929-2021

Dear Parents and Carers

Whitsun is the British term for the Christian festival of Pentecost which falls on the seventh Sunday after Easter. This day remembers the time when the Holy Spirit came down to Jesus’ disciples. One day later, on Whit Monday, a celebration or day of holiday has traditionally taken place across the country. In Medieval times workers were given the whole week as holiday, a traditional break in the farming calendar. Today, Whitsun is usually remembered with a church service and for school we are entering our half term break. After a busy first full term for many weeks, I hope that you may all enjoy spending time together with loved ones in the sunshine.

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