The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Newsletter 3, Autumn Term, 23rd September

Dear Parents


Our Foundation Stage Hedgehogs have spent their first full week with us and they have each embraced their new opportunities with enthusiasm and a willingness to try all that has been on offer. What a positive attitude; congratulations Hedgehogs for all being so wonderful. It is a tiring business, being in school all week, when you are so little! I hope that you all sleep soundly this evening!

Mrs Addison took just three small but fearless runners to the athletics field at Chenderit School yesterday. For Hector W, this was his very first cross-country challenge. Cheered on by supporting parents, our three runners, undeterred by the size of other school teams and unafraid of the task before them, showed fierce determination and a wealth of support for one another. Congratulations and an immense well done to St Loys children who have all embodied what it means to be a part of the St Loys family! James, Hector W and Wallis, we are so proud of you!  Your spirit and determination shone through and you represented St Loys beautifully – thank you!

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