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Newsletter 4, Autumn Term 2, 22-23

Dear Parents & Carers

We very much have a sporting theme running through St Loys at the moment as you will see… 


On Sunday 20th November, a tiny, but fearless team of St Loys footballers set off for Boddington – the Bob Moore Cup Autumn 2022 awaited them! Undeterred by the biting cold and more than one deluge of rain, Ryan; Georgie; Barnaby; Theo; Josh; Connie L; Tilly and Charlie F battled the changing weather, a somewhat slippery, muddy field and some rather larger opponents! 

Cheered on by the brave parents, fuelled against the chilly air with large portions of Black Forest Gateaux, the super St Loys team played tirelessly in seven qualifying matches and the later play offs.   

Our opening match gave us an early triumph with a 1-0 win against Priors Marston. 

The second match placed us against Greatworth School, making their debut in the competition. We fought bravely and an early goal from Barnaby put us 1-0 up against a very strong team. Greatworth fought back and finished with 3 goals to our one.

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