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Newsletter 5 Autumn term – 1st October 2021

It has really felt like the first days of autumn have begun this week as the winds of change begin to blow and the autumn leaves begin to shower us with reds, yellows and golds.  Thoughts of snuggly evenings and cups of hot chocolate begin to fill my mind.  Our October display of autumnal colours and textures stands beautifully in the doorway, even Mrs Bootman coordinated her dress to blend in with our warming welcome.  Autumn is a gorgeous season of changing colours and a crispness in the air.  It is a peaceful time and one which inspires St Loys artists, poets and even our scientists.  This week once again, our sports personalities have shone with their courage and determination and a little autumnal rain has not dampened the spirits of a very first celebration of Boccia or indeed the tenacity of our footballers.  Thank you to all of our sports champions this week and to Mrs Addison who made it all happen.  Read more about it here:

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