The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Spring Term Newsletter 21st January 2022

Dear Parents & Carers

This week we have welcomed a rather unusual new member to our St Loys family.

It had been noted that “Malcolm” has spent much of the weekend visiting the school to see if it was right for him and then on Monday decided that it was time to join our school.  We were a little busy on Monday and when Mrs Davy was unable to respond to Malcolm immediately, he became rather insistent and tapped on the door with some urgency.  I think Malcolm had seen our Good Ofsted recommendation! 

Fortunately, Connie & Fynley knew exactly where Malcolm lived and helped Mrs Addison, our newly appointed duck-herder, to usher Malcolm back to a more suitable secure pen nearby!

It seems that this week has been all about God’s creatures great and small.  Read some of the children’s reviews below if you would like to hear more about the exciting adventures with Gary, Oscar, Colin and the very tickly Lily…

More details here…

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