The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Spring Term Newsletter 28th January 2022

Dear Parents & Carers

This week, sadly, I missed out on the rocky road used to illustrate different types of rock in Mrs Watts’ science lesson!  However, I did get to play basketball with Badgers who have some wonderful skills. Connie L displayed excellent control, dribbling the ball at different heights and changing direction. 

Congratulations also to Aggie who I understand may have had her very first visit from the tooth fairy last night!

Today, I have witnessed further disregard for school rules. Every year I seem to have this problem, unruly children with painted nails, gaudy clothing and even hair not of a natural colour!!  I don’t quite know where these children came from but I hope to see the return of lovely, smartly dressed uniforms of our St Loys children on Monday morning!  However, these colourful creatures today did manage to raise a tremendous £133.00 for our school so I have forgiven them all. It really was a fun and exciting way to finish a fun-packed week of learning.

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