The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Spring Term Newsletter – 31st March 2022

Dear Parents & Carers


As we break for the Easter holidays, I am drawn to the words of Mrs Long who shared with me the “wonderful kindness” shown from Badgers’ class yesterday.  During the fabulous Easter Egg Hunt organised by our PTFA, one thoughtful child was overheard to say: “…I found the ‘golden egg’ but I left it so someone else could find it.” 

Another child offered their egg to Mrs Long as they were concerned that she didn’t have any. This epitomises the kindness and thoughtfulness that is inherent in so many of our St Loys children. They really are so mindful of others and often in a way that is self-sacrificing, without even a hesitation. I am so proud of our children for these ongoing displays of positive and caring attitudes, they really are very special! I know that beautiful manners were remembered by the children yesterday, but on behalf of the whole school, I would like to say a tremendous THANK YOU to all of the parents who supported the egg hunt and enabled our children to have such a wonderful time. Here are some of the highlights from Squirrels and Hedgehogs scouring the most unusual places as they searched for eggs.

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