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St Loys Wins at Horticultural Show!

After many months of hard labour on the allotment. St Loys sees the fruits of their labour awarded at the Weston and Weedon Horticultural Show in September.

 At the end of May the children involved in food during creative week went down to the allotment and planted the potatoes and onions which the children were kindly given by the village horticultural society. There were four raised bed which had been very kindly prepared for us by Ivor Jones. The kids thoroughly enjoyed planting their house veg in the appropriate bed and ensuring they were watered and looked after.

 Over the months the children went down to the allotment and weeded their house bed, ensuring they had plenty of water. They were not bothered about getting their hands dirty in the hope that their house would be the final victors.

 During the school holidays the village held its annual horticultural show. The school’s potatoes and onions were dug up and the best three were displayed and ready for inspection. Little did we know that several weeks before the show, the judges had been to the allotment and taken photos of each house bed and compared it to the final product. The tidiness and overall presentation of the house bed was taken into consideration.

 The judges decision was final and on show day they had decided that Smith House were the winners of the first ever school veg awards.

The awards were presented by Food Critic & Waitrose Kitchen Magazine editor William Sitwell.

 Well done to the Smith house who had clearly kept a very neat raised bed which produced award winning vegetables. The rest of the vegetables have now been dug up and passed through to the St Loys kitchen to be incorporated into the school dinners.

 Thank you to all who helped make this such a successful venture and hope that it can go from strength to strength each year.

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