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Newsletter 7 Autumn Term – 15th October 2021

Dear Parents & Carers

A short message from me this week I am afraid as you will now have heard that I have fallen foul of Covid19.  Thankfully, my cover plan at Chacombe, who have several cases, has meant that I have not been in St Loys at all this week and therefore the children and the staff should remain unaffected by this little outbreak.  We have agreed to “step up” some of our Covid preventative measures again for a while until the number of cases locally has calmed down again. 

As I know you all appreciate, St Loys is incredibly fortunate to have such a strong and capable staff team. Whilst I am very sorry not to be with you, everyone in school is working exceptionally hard, covering the shortfall caused by my absence and keeping things going as much as is physically possible.  Please be considerate of the efforts that the staff are going to in order to maintain business as usual in extenuating circumstances.  I hope that the last few days of term are peaceful and pray that everyone remains healthy and well.

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